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Early Career Teachers

Support for Early Career Teachers

The UCL ECF programme is built on a belief that teachers are skilled professionals, who have:

  • Pupil learning at the centre of all that they do.
  • A rich, complex, knowledge base which continues to grow throughout their career.
  • A deep understanding of the context(s) in which they work and the implications of this for their practice.
  • Practical fluency in a range of evidence-based classroom strategies that support pupils to learn well.
  • Academic tools needed to engage independently with evidence around effective teaching.
  • The reflective capacity to evaluate teaching and continue to improve across their career.
  • The ability to use their knowledge, skills and experience to ensure excellent learning for all pupils.

The creators of this programme have carefully considered the demands already placed on Early Career Teachers and developed a programme that will not add to their workload.  

Early Career Teachers are entitled to a funded 10% time away from classroom in their first year and 5% time away from classroom in their second year – the Early Career Framework has been designed to be completed within this time off timetable.  

UCL Wellbeing Charter

Supporting the wellbeing of all our participants is as important to us as the programme itself. We recognise that teachers and leaders work in very complex environments and need flexibility in how they approach and access their learning. Therefore, we have put together the pledges outlined in this 🔗Wellbeing Charter to support all our participants to make the programme work for them. Please do draw on them when you need to.

ECF Conferences September 2023

We have reached over 1000 ECF participants over 8 face-to-face events for our Early Career Teachers and their mentors. It has been a privilege to welcome so many colleagues to the Education Exchange to launch the UCL ECF full induction programme with Year 1 participants and delve into the detail of Practitioner Inquiry with our Y2 participants. A huge thank you to all our guest speakers for inspiring us and sharing their insights into teaching and mentoring, and a huge thank you to all our participants for their commitment and dedication to their own professional development. We wish you all the very best of luck for the year ahead!

If you would like to view the slide sets from our September 2023 Early Career Teacher welcome conferences, please use the links below to download:

Year 1 ECF Conference 2023Download
Year 2 ECF Conference 2023Download

We appreciate how much pressure Early Career Teachers are under, which is why so much consideration has been given towards creating an Early Career Framework Development Programme which is flexible and responds to individual needs. If you feel that the Delivery Programme we have outlined does not meet the needs of your Early Career Teacher we would be happy to work with you to create a flexible option.