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Mentor Year 1

UCL ECF Mentor Training Programme: Year 1

So much of the ECF programme rests on the expertise of mentors. Many mentors are highly experienced teachers, who may have mentored on other programmes in the past; others are newer to the profession. The mentor meeting and training resources are designed to support a mentor, whatever their prior experience.

In Year 1, our ECF Mentors build and apply their knowledge across the first five modules of the programme, supporting and challenging their ECT through their first year of teaching. Mentors will also access their own professional development programme where they will learn about effective mentoring – for example, how to set up a productive relationship and how to support a new teacher while also offering them challenge. A significant part of this is done through self-directed learning.

Module 1: Enable pupil learning

Establish an effective learning environment and manage behaviour. Understand pupils as learners.

Module 2: Engage pupil learning

Appreciate the importance of prior knowledge, memory, and literacy. Expand your curriculum knowledge and subject expertise.

Module 3: Develop quality pedagogy

Plan more effective lessons. Learn how to address the needs of all pupils.

Module 4: Make productive use of assessment

Investigate the application of assessment. Learn how to give high quality feedback.

Module 5: Fulfil professional responsibilities

Explore and apply skills in working with others.

Programme Delivery Model:

Our programme is flexibly delivered via a hybrid model of online webinars, face to face events and self-study.  The programme includes: