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Subject Knowledge Enhancements

Initial teacher trainees in our hub communities can benefit from a range of fully-funded online Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) courses. SKE courses will equip participants with the depth of subject knowledge and skills needed in order to teach the chosen subject as an initial teacher trainee.

Our SKE courses will help you to:

What is unique about our SKE programme?

As a successful group of academies, with a dedicated core team of subject directors, we offer something unique in the level of specialist support we can offer. Our resources are prepared and continually evaluated by a team of outstanding subject specialists, informed by the latest pedagogy and practice. Your learning will be supported by weekly tutor feedback and guidance from teaching professionals, along with subject-focused discussion on class forums.

How are the courses delivered and assessed?

Our SKE courses are delivered 100% online via our interactive e-learning platform, enabling you to learn in your spare time and fit your course in and around existing commitments. You can access course materials, pre-recorded webinars and self-study activities from any internet-enabled device at any time, making learning extremely flexible.

Your subject knowledge will be assessed during the course via a combination of audits, assessments and reflections to help you identify your strengths and areas for development, and ensure that you are making progress.

High quality teacher development sits at the heart of school improvement. Subject specialists across Delta and our partnership play a vital role in supporting participants in achieving their aspirations in teaching when previously their qualifications would have been a barrier.


How long do I need to study?

We recommend that you should study 25 hours per week on a full-time SKE course to support appropriate subject knowledge development in preparation for your Initial Teacher Training. Our part-time option allows you to spread this learning time over a fortnight, so an eight-week SKE course would take 16 weeks to complete, covering the same material.

Participants can apply online if they have a conditional offer for teacher training with a Subject Knowledge Enhancement as a condition.

DfE-funded SKE courses are available for:

Subject Course length available (weeks)

The number of weeks studied depends on the level of your existing subject knowledge, which will be determined with the help of the initial teacher training provider and also the subject. 

How much DfE funding will I receive?*

There are bursaries available for each length of course:

8 week SKE£1400
12 week SKE £2100
16 week SKE £2800
20 week SKE £3500
28 week SKE £4900

*Participants are eligible to apply if they have a minimum of a 2.2 degree, and hold a conditional offer with an ITT provider with a condition to complete a SKE.

Self-funded SKE courses

If a participant is not eligible for DfE funding, we offer a self-funded options enabling participant to gain the valuable knowledge required to start ITT.

Cost of self-funded SKEs:

Length of SKETotal cost (not including VAT)
8 week SKE£800
12 week SKE£1200
16 week SKE£1600
20 week SKE£2000
24 week SKE£2400
28 week SKE£2800

Part sponsorship and bespoke packages for multiple participants and groups of schools may be available.

Contact for more information.

Applications are open, with start dates to suit participant requirements.