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Our Offer

Our Early Career Development Programme supports Early Career Teachers (ECTs) to develop the skills and confidence needed to flourish in the classroom.  

The Early Career Framework is part of our Golden thread of CPD for education professionals at all stages of their career.  

UCL Full Induction Programme

The DfE-funded 🔗Early Career Development Programme from University College London (UCL) delivers the ECF reforms through a combination of facilitated face-to-face training, online workshops and self-directed study. It logically follows on from initial teacher training to further develop key teaching practices.  

Furthermore, the programme provides for the training of in-school mentors who will meet with early Career Teachers on a weekly basis to share their experience and support teachers at this vital stage of their career. Mentoring is a meaningful commitment to both the mentor’s and the early career teachers’ professional development.  

The programme is delivered locally and in collaboration with schools whilst the programme content, divided into 9 modules and mapped to the Teachers’ standards, draw from a range of subjects, phases and contexts ensuring relevancy and maximising participation. 

UCL ECF Programme Curriculum Map:

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The 🔗Ofsted report released in July 2023 rated the quality of the UCL-led Early Career Framework (ECF) programme’s professional development and training as outstanding. It also rates the programme’s leadership and management on the same level. 

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.”


Testimonials about our ECF Programme: