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Our Partnership

Exchange Teaching Hub is led by a broad and diverse partnership of credible organisations and educationalists serving Barnsley, Doncaster, Selby and Wakefield. Partners have a proven track record, many of whom are at the forefront of developments in practice and professional learning nationally with a history of cultivating and sustaining deep relationships in our region.

Our shared moral purpose is to improve schools and school groups in our communities so that all children and young people achieve their full potential. We place collaboration above competition to unite the interests and talents of our region, creating a commonwealth of expertise and resource which is being mobilised for the benefit of all. Professional generosity and ethical leadership characterise our partnership.

It is a reciprocal and mutually beneficial relationship. Colleagues who are contributing their valuable time and energy join a powerful community of practice.

“Together we can facilitate development that meets local need and drives improvement, as well as empowering teachers and improving retention rates within the profession. Our mantra of attract, train and develop, to retain great quality, drives our mission.”

Extract from our bid to become a teaching school hub.

Our partnership is not exclusive. If you wish to contribute to the wider system through our activities, please 🔗contact us.