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National Professional Qualifications (NPQs)

Flexible professional development courses for teachers and leaders to improve skills, progress careers and deliver improved outcomes for schools.

Exchange Teaching Hub is pleased to be working in conjunction with UCL and BPN to offer the full suite of NPQs

National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) support the professional learning of teachers and school leaders at all levels of the profession. The suite of qualifications includes eleven programmes based upon the best available research evidence, designed to support your career pathway and your school priorities.

We are proud to partner with UCL, once again ranked 1st in the world for their educational research, in our delivery of the full suite of NPQ qualifications. Informed by research and practice, the qualifications are designed and delivered through collaborative partnerships between UCL, regional, national and international educational delivery partners.

To respond to schools’ requests for greater choice and flexibility, we also offer NPQs in partnership with Best Practice Network (BPN). BPN have a long tradition of highly effective NPQ delivery, and their bespoke 1-2-1 coaching for all participants forms an impressive part of their offer. BPN will also be delivering their Leader Apprenticeships with NPQs at the Education Exchange conference centre, programmes which are fully funded from the apprenticeship levy.

The programmes have been designed and developed by both UCL Institute of Education and Best Practice Network, in collaboration with current, proven, highly effective school leaders and expert teachers, with a clear focus on excellent outcomes for all students.

NPQ participants from our hub communities will be supported to learn by renowned national and local experts, who will facilitate professional learning geared to their contexts and communities.

For details of the full offer from both UCL and BPN, please see below.

How to Apply:

1. Speak to your line manager

Talk to your line manager about joining an NPQ programme.

2. Register on the DfE Portal↗

Select University College London (UCL) or Best Practice Network (BPN) as your Lead Provider.

3. Complete your application form

You’ll receive an application form. Complete it and choose Exchange Teaching Hub as your delivery partner.

Leadership NPQs:

Headship (NPQH) ↗

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Specialist NPQs: