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Train To Teach

Why teach?

Teaching gives the unparalleled opportunity to have a real impact on the lives of others. A great education builds confidence, gives children and young people choices, and impacts positively on society: we know that the economic future prosperity of our hub communities is inextricably linked to children’s aspirations and the quality of education.

Teaching is a profession which offers academic challenge and variety. Working with children means that no two days are the same! Many teachers move from school to school, in diverse roles, often progressing to senior and executive leadership positions. Structured pay progression, generous holidays and a great pension are also just a few of the many reasons why teaching is a great career choice for intelligent graduates who want to make a difference.

“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.”


Which programme is right for you?

Training within our hub communities means you can choose from well-established and highly successful training providers offering routes accredited by the Department for Education.

What’s involved?

School Centred Initial Teacher Training

This route offers a school-based teacher training programme where you will spend most of the year in school supplemented by a programme of training with your SCITT provider to support you to build your expertise in different aspects of your role as a teacher. Programmes are flexible to participants’ prior experience, as follows:

Find a course

Choose from the range of successful ITT providers in our region.

Use the DfE Find tool to find the right training programme for you. Find postgraduate teacher training courses – GOV.UK (

How to apply

From 10th October 2023, all teacher training applications will be made through the DfE Apply tool. Apply for teacher training – GOV.UK (

Improve your subject knowledge

If you’re concerned about how well you know the subject you want to teach, do not worry – you may be able to do a ‘subject knowledge enhancement’ (SKE) course.

When you apply for teacher training, the school or university will help you establish whether you need to improve your subject knowledge.

They may ask you to do a course if you have:

  • a different but related degree to the subject you want to teach
  • an A level but not a degree in the subject
  • an unrelated degree but relevant professional experience
  • a languages degree but need to improve your knowledge of a language you’ll teach
  • not used your subject knowledge for a while

Completing a course may be a condition of your offer to train.

Check whether there’s a subject knowledge enhancement course for your subject(Link opens in new window). They’re typically offered for subjects where there’s a particular demand for teachers.

Courses are available across England and are often online. You can do them before or alongside your teacher training. You may also be able to study part-time.