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National Professional Qualifications

National Professional Qualifications (NPQs)

Flexible professional development courses for teachers and leaders to improve skills, progress careers and deliver improved outcomes for schools.

National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) are a national, voluntary suite of qualifications designed to support the professional development of teachers and school leaders. They equip teachers with the expertise to lead sustainable improvement across their schools.

NPQs are designed to:

If you’re a teacher or leader, an NPQ can help you:


Scholarship funding for autumn 2024

Funding for autumn 2024 will target those teachers and leaders who work in the most challenging schools or educational settings, serving more disadvantaged communities.

Scholarship funding to cover the full NPQ course cost will be available to teachers and leaders from:

Scholarships will continue to be available to all teachers and leaders from publicly funded schools and 16 to 19 educational organisations for the following NPQs:

For the early headship coaching offer, funding to cover the course fees will be available if you are in your first 5 years of headship in England in a state-funded school or state-funded 16 to 19 organisation. You should also be doing or have done the headship NPQ. 

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NPQ Programmes

NPQs can be divided into two groups:

How to Apply:

The Department for Education (DfE) are currently accepting registrations for the Autumn 2024 cohort. Use the link below to access the portal and register today!

1. Speak to your line manager

Talk to your line manager about joining an NPQ programme.

2. Register on the DfE Portal↗

Select University College London (UCL) or Best Practice Network (BPN) as your Lead Provider.

3. Complete your application form

You’ll receive an application form. Complete it and choose Exchange Teaching Hub as your delivery partner.

Leadership NPQs:

Headship (NPQH) ↗

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Specialist NPQs: