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The Early Career Framework

The Early Career Framework (ECF)

A framework of standards to help early career teachers succeed at the start of their careers.

New teachers joining the profession now benefit from a two-year induction programme which, underpinned by the Early Career Framework (ECF), will provide them with a structured programme of development, support and professional dialogue. 

The ECF facilitates a step change in the structured support Early Career Teachers (ECTs) receive and clearly sets out what new teachers are expected to ‘learn about’ and ‘learn how to do’ based on expert guidance and the best available research evidence. The ECF supports ECTs to develop their teaching practice, knowledge and working habits, to help them establish a successful career in teaching. 

ECTs will be assigned a dedicated mentor and will have a reduced timetable in their first two years of teaching following qualification, (10% reduction in year one and 5% reduction in year two).  This will provide them with the time and support needed to focus on their professional development, so that every new teacher is supported to lay the foundations for a fulfilling and rewarding career in teaching. 

“It is teaching quality that has the biggest impact on pupil outcomes: the ECF will support teachers, as well as their pupils, to realise their potential.”

Professor Becky Francis, CEO Education Endowment Foundation

There are three approaches schools can choose from to enable the delivery of an ECF based induction. It is up to the headteacher to choose the approach that best suits the needs of their ECTs and mentors. The three approaches are:  

  1. A funded provider-led programme – Schools can choose to work with providers accredited by the Department for Education who will design and deliver a programme of face-to-face and online training to ECTs and mentor. This programme is funded by the Department for Education 
  1. Schools deliver their own training using DfE accredited materials and resources – Schools use freely available DfE accredited materials, which includes ready to use materials and resources for new teachers and mentors, to deliver their own ECT and mentor support. These materials have been accredited by the Department for Education and quality assured by the Education Endowment Foundation.  
  1. Schools Design and deliver their own two-year induction programme for ECTs based on the ECF. 

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A further detailed overview of the 🔗Early Career Framework can be found on the Department for Education website.