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Information for Schools

From September 2024, the initial teacher training (ITT) landscape will be changing. Get up to speed with what this means for schools.

From September 2024, in response to the 🔗ITT Market Review, there will be certain changes to how Initial Teacher Training works. As a teaching school hub, the Exchange Teaching Hub is required to partner with an accredited ITT provider – we have partnered with 🔗Exchange Teacher Training – and play a role in supporting schools in our region to get involved in ITT.

How can schools get involved?

The DfE have created an information pack for schools which can be downloaded below, which outlines all the changes to initial teacher training and the ways schools can get involved – from hosting placements for trainees to supporting the provision of Intensive Training and Practice (ITAP).

DfE ITT Reform: information for schools packDownload

Please see below a brief summary of changes to ITT: